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Spouse Visa

Canada Spouse Visa

Sponsoring your Spouse to Canada may not be a simple process

You might feel that getting a common-law partner visa is effortless but the reality is quite the opposite.

Despite the procedure of the visa is quite lengthy and tedious, Canada in every way looks to bring together the spouses of its citizens and permanent residents and we, being one of the most experienced Canada migration consultants in Kochi, can help you. A ‘Spouse’ is a person who has been bound by marriage which is recognized by the country where the marriage has taken place and in Canada. Under this visa, same-sex relationships are considered as well.

Once the sponsor has satisfied all the requirements for the sponsorship and the applicant had fulfilled all the required eligibility criteria, the visa can be availed with help of any Canada immigration consultants like us. Once the visa is granted, it offers the following capabilities.

  • The visa holder can work and live in Canada as a permanent resident of Canada.
  • The visa holder can study in Canada.
  • Within the four years, the visa holder can become a permanent resident.
  • For a sponsor to be considered eligible, the following criteria must be fulfilled;
  • The sponsor must be over the age of 18
  • The sponsor should be a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident in Canada.
  • The sponsor must have sufficient financial wherewithal to sponsor under this particular class.
  • The sponsor should not have sponsored a spouse within the purview of the family class visa or a minimum of three years must have been over since the previous spouse has achieved PR status in Canada.
  • The sponsor must be of good character.
  • The sponsor should not be claiming any kind of social benefits or support from the Canadian government except for any sort of disability.

If the sponsor is a permanent resident of Canada;

  • At the time of sponsorship, the sponsor must be living in Canada.

If the sponsor is a citizen of Canada;

  • The visa can be sponsored irrespective of the place the sponsor is in. However, if the sponsorship is being made when the sponsor is outside, he/she must evidence his/her intention to settle in the country once application for the same is approved.

It is the obligation of the sponsor to ensure that the person being sponsored is provided with all the support needed as long as they need including food, clothing, accommodation and financial support if needed.

After the sponsor application has been submitted and approved, the spouse needs to submit an application and meet the following criteria;

  • The spouse must be over the age of 16
  • The must be able to evidence the co-habitation of the sponsor and the applicant for a period not less than 12 months.
  • The spouse must be of good character and health.

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