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Immigration Visa Services - Canada Federal Skilled Work Visa

Federal Skilled Work Visa

Federal Skilled Work Visa

The Federal Skilled Visa to Canada allows highly skilled, educated migrants with an eligible occupation to consider a permanent move to Canada without an offer of employment!
Federal skilled work visa enables highly skilled and academically proficient professionals with an adequate occupation to move to Canada permanently without having an employment offer.

As Canada is one of the most preferred employment hub, candidates from diverse parts of the world, it is really important that an aspiring candidate must take advantage of the same with help of a reliable Canada visa agency Kerala.

The visa will enable the applicant to;

  • Live and work in the country as the permanent residents of Canada.
  • Study in the country.
  • Within a period of three years, become a citizen of Canada.

All the below given criteria must be satisfied by any overseas applicant to apply for federal skilled work visa and once the same is met, as one of the most experienced Canada migration consultants in Kochi, we can help you with the process.

The aspirants must have;

  • A legitimate Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
  • Proven proficiency in English language (a minimum score of 6 in each of the bands in IELTS).

In January 31, 2015 Canada has amended the provisions of the Federal Skilled Work Visa program. As such, all the applicants meeting the above requirements must have any of the occupations listed under the A category or B category under the NOC Matrix.

Upon meeting all of these criteria given below, any Canada visa consultant Kerala like us can help you secure the visa proceeding to the next phase. This includes carrying out the point assessment of the applicants. The procedure established as on January 31, 2015 is given below.

  • The applicant must submit an application to any one of the several Education Credential Assessment centers designated for the same and receive a positive examination. As per the assessment body that you go to, the entire process can take one to two months.
  • In the meantime the applicant can also undergo any of the prescribed and recognized English language proficiency tests.
  • Once the candidate has received the score and the English language proficiency certificate, the applicant can move to submit his/her interest of moving the application through the Express Entry System of Canada for Federal Skilled Work Visa.
  • Once the account in the Express Entry System is created, the candidate will be required to make a profile in the Job Bank of Canada. At the end of the completion, the application of the candidate will be added to an application pool in queue for the selection round.

Once all of these criteria are met, the applicant will be selected from the Express Entry System and invited to apply for the Canadian immigration as a permanent resident in Canada. At this stage all the visas will be due to be issued and you need to submit all the required documents for the purpose of assessment with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. As an experienced Canada visa agency Kerala, we will help you thoroughly with all that. After selection, your visa will be decided upon no later than three months.

These visas are a hard thing to get but with our experience, expertise and networking capabilities, we can help you get them in no time. As one of the most reliable and preferred Canada migration consultants in Kochi, we can help you professionally.

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