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Immigration Visa Services - Australia Visit Visa

Visit Visa

Visit Visa from Godspeed Visa

Planning to visit Australia to meet your family, a client or for a vacation? Godspeed Visa can help you with all your Australia immigration services requirements at all time.

There is no doubt that visit visa is the perfect type for people planning to visit Australia for a short period of time. Whether you visit Australia for a short business meet, meet your family or even enjoy the tourist wonders of the country, this is the most ideal visa and as the reliable and certified immigration consultant, we can help you with the most effective and impeccably conceived visa immigration services.

As part of our extensive Australia immigration services, we offer the following visit visas.

Short Term or Business Stay Visa (the subclass 456)

This is the most ideas visa for people visiting Australia for short-term business purposes. The visa will enable the holder to stay in Australia for a period of three months. This can prove to the most beneficial for individuals traveling with such purposes as business negotiations, business conference and exploratory business visits.

Along with the standard documents to obtain visa, the eligibility requirement of the same involves a proof stating the purpose of the visit to Australia.

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Visitor Visa (the subclass 600) and Tourist Visa (the subclass 676)

If you are an individual visiting Australia to meet your family, loved ones or friends or for tourism purposes for a duration up to three months or twelve months, tourist visa subclass 676 is the most ideal choice. If this visa is closed, an individual can opt to get visitor visa subclass 600 which is applicable when you are traveling to Australia as a visitor to meet your family or friends or for any business purpose.

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Family Sponsorship Visa (the subclass 679)

This visa is similar to visitor visa and will allow you be on a vacation and/or visit your family. However, this visa needs to be applied by the sponsor in Australia.

The eligibility criteria include the sponsorship of a person in Australia with a document proving the genuine intention of visiting Australia and if you meet them, as a registered immigration consultant, Godspeed Visa can offer you the best immigration services.

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